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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Who Are We?

What Do We Stand For?

What Do We Want?

If everyone in society is better, then society is better for everyone.

Isn’t it?

Where do you stand on this statement?

This is something we at EdGE Thinking passionately believe, and want to work towards, as part of the Education Community: -

Driving forward an Inclusive Vision, a teaching-community-lead drive to really improve education for all as an essential Human Right for equity, social justice and an educationally enfranchised future for all students. 

Success is not a zero-sum game; everyone from governments to individuals espouse the belief that every single child is entitled to a good education as a basic Human Right. UNESCO (2005 and 2017), the DfES Every Child Matters (2003), the Equality Act (2010), Pupil Premium (2011) and every politician you've ever heard speak. It seems we all agree.

Except we don't. Even between these documents there are disagreements; UNESCO advocates for no streaming, whilst Equality Act makes no mention of this. All agree that inclusion is paramount, specifically legislating for gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, special educational needs, but what this actually looks like in practice is, again, a huge area for debate.

This is all before we get to the dreaded gap. Not the attainment gap, not yet, nor wage gaps, not the boy-girl gap, the socio-economic gap, the rural-urban gap, the technology gap, no, no, no; the gap which possibly allows the other gaps to happen; the Policy-Practice gap. Funding, timetabling, school structures, EAL, LA, appropriate staff training, class sizes, time management, appropriate curricula, resources, safeguarding, assessment of Special Educational Needs, league tables... the list goes on. Some of these are the responsibility of government, others of schools, MATs and LEAs and others of individual teachers. They are all challenges we face in our classrooms.

Therefore, what we want it the opportunity to debate, discuss and develop. What is inclusion? Why is it important? How do we achieve equity and social justice as basic Human Rights to allow not just all students, but all people, families and communities to be properly enfranchised as a road to social justice?

Most importantly of all, what does this look like?

EdGE Thinking, or Education for Greater Equality Thinking, brings professionals together to share, to challenge, to grow.

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